Finding perfect text editor - Emacs

I'm putting my emacs configs back to all my linux machines. New prelude based configs, nice and shining (and working) with Emacs 24. Configs are machine based (work machine - different projects from home machine).

Some of nice plugins in My config:

  • GPicker
  • Multiple-cursors
  • php-mode
  • twittering-mode
  • and many many more ... see install_vendors.rb for details.


  • Update this blog post
  • yasnippets integration with used PHP projects (Symfony1 Symfony2 Silex) - rewrite existing vim   snippets (UltiSnips) python -> elisp.
  • find some  system independent nice way to run emacs server on system startup,

After cleaning up configs from unused mess my emacs starts 2 times faster.

My config on GitHub

img: my emacs
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