Golang Channels - Basics

Channels was made for synchronizing data between concurrently working goroutines (golang light threads). By default operations on channel (reading and writing) are blocking.

Let’s look for simple example below:

    package main

    import "fmt"
    import "time"

    func doIt(done chan bool) {

        // send value to channel
    	done <- true

    func main() {
        // We're creating channel and
        // starting doIt function as gorouine
    	done := make(chan bool)
    	go doIt(done)

        // reading from channel with `<-` blocks program until
        // we receive value after one second in `doIt` function
    	a := <-done

Run it on play.golang.org

Code Summary

This simple example contains several important points about channels:

  • Go block on reading from channel
  • There is no control of running goroutines, try to remove reading from channel (a := <-done) You’ll see that your program will not complete doIt function
  • We’re passing channels to functions as something similar to reference (channels are used on both sides - goroutine which write to channel, and goroutine which reads from it - main function in this example)

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