Golang channels - rate limiting

When you need to limit rate of operations done by your program (e.g. low resources on node) go gives you very nice tool fo that. We’ll use ticker which creates a time.Time channel and sends to it value with configured interval.

First we add 50 values to our requests channel. We know that there will not be new data, so we can close channel. Next we define ticker and iterate through our requests channel.

package main

import (

func main() {
	requests := make(chan int, 50)

	for i := 1; i <= 50; i++ {
		requests <- i

	limiter := time.Tick(time.Millisecond * 200)

	for req := range requests {
		fmt.Println("request", req, time.Now())


Run it on play.golang.org

Code Summary

Why we simply don’t use time.Sleep()? Ticker is better for that because it can be canceled what gives us control over it.

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